Just Drive Wisconsin

Web designed for Just Drive Wisconsin and kept it edgy. Took initiative to create a brand refresh for their logo, as well.

web design, brand refresher


No Fair Trade

Learning and working on the creative strategy lead us to hone in on the puppeteers: the parents, the Johns, and the traffickers. All wrong. All sharing a part in human trafficking. Therefore, we extended the Unluckythirteen campaign with Serve Marketing and came up with this.

print, bus ad, billboard


Serve: Routine Checklist Campaign

Serve Marketing and the Adolescent Health Project in Omaha launched a new campaign that urges the public to make getting checked for an STD a part of their regular routine. Omaha on billboards, bus shelters, and social ads and in unconventional places like college campuses, movie theaters and on drink coasters.

print, OOH, social ads, coasters, table tents, art direction


Concept Email Design

Dynamic email designs that make you stop and scroll.  

email design



branding, logos



13 is the average that kids are being trafficked. This campaign was created to bring awareness and deliver results. Partnering with SERVE marketing we are working to do just that. With this campaign we are hard-hitting the tweens and teens–being preventative. It's all in the esteem of the young, knowing their worth.

print, apparel design, guerrilla marketing



Freelanced for Wantable and worked on some fun concept work. Check it out!

web design, concept, art direction


H&M: Sex Trade Awareness campaign

Our campaign revolves around enlisting human trafficking victims to bring the gruesome truths of trafficking to the lime light.

landing page, print, catalog, instagram ad


World Market

World Market tipped-in ad that was created to be an insert for Dwell magazine. Each piece was hand picked to fit an emperor’s realm.

AD + Copywriter : Alex Cole Photographer : Lori Moody

magazine Insert
photography, art direction


Chesapeake Regional Healthcare

Chesapeake Regional Health is committed to serving the unique healthcare needs of all. This site's clean appeal was designed in such a way to be welcoming for the consumer, helpful, and clean.

digital, web design, art direction, UI/UX


MI Mag Issue 1.

Partnered with Mark International to create there first magazine issue showcasing Las Vegas along with other national travels.

publication design, art direction


Buick 2014

Partnered with Leo Burnett and had the privilege of designing the multi-cultural centered campaign for Buick 2014



Henry Ford App

This app was designed for easy access to interconnected sports medicine and provide information for every type of athlete.

mobile design, UI/UX


Visit Orlando

Created several digital pieces for Visit Orlando campaign. My favorites were the ©Disney focused ones of course.




Fun spec work that I got to art direct for Cali's Bartable transportation.

print, illustration


Jekkyl & Hyde

Bottle design speck work for a potential client.The client wanted to create a two-in-one liqueur bottle for their brand, Jekkyl & Hyde.

product design, branding



Spunky and fun digital banners for Claire's website and email. Pink, sparkle galore.




Partly inspired by fantasy and storytelling. The positioning for this print campaign stems from a consistent quirky voice and vivid imagery to communicate the 3D appeal of Viera TV.

print, art direction



Little Sparrow is a toy created to be a personal memory card, which allows you to import ‘to do’ lists and thoughts of the day. Inspired by anime culture.

toy design, branding


Visit Maine: Sweepstakes

Designed Visit Maine Sweepstakes page for and sweepstakes banner.




What keeps me going

illustration, typography, etc.



Print dramatizing the passion, attraction, and desire that is created by each strike of Diamond matches.

print, art direction, copywriting

About Me


A city girl, raised in Chicago, born resilient, creative and thriving. Those same qualities have translated in my career. I’ve always had an interest in self-expression whether that be: fashion, photography, poetry, painting, digital design. Honestly, the list can go on. I believe I’m a jack of all trades and a “master of some”.

After graduating from Columbia College Chicago and a couple years in my career, I moved to Milwaukee, WI as an Art Director at BVK . I’ve always had a desire to constantly learn, which drives my career path. Not only do I have a traditional background, but also have mobile, web, copywriting, and UI/UX ability. Currently, I’m expanding my creative chops at Kohl’s Corporate

I spend my free time investing in my Youtube channel #LeopardnLocks, exploring the best MKE eats, engrossing myself w/ foreign films, or dancing the night away.

What’s next you might ask? I’m writing a book, so stay tuned.

I also freelance. Got a bomb project you want to discuss?

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